Jacques Heijkoop 1945 – 2023

Dr. Jacques Heijkoop is a private practitioner in developmental psychology, and as such frequently approached by mental health and school services. He also offers supervision and training courses for various facilities in the juvenile and psychiatric care sectors. His orientation is international and stretches from his base in the Netherlands outward to England, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia especially Norway.

His career related to people with learning disabilities has lasted more than forty years. In the 70s and 80s he published many articles about his specific way of observing and answering to persons with ID and challenging behaviour. In 1991 he published the book ‘Stuck Fast’ in which his basic assumptions are worked out. His second book ‘Discovery Awareness’ is published in 2015.

Voor meer informatie: info@heijkoop.nu of +31 6 51165967